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Online Panels are voluntary communities of people who are willing to participate in online market research.
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The‘Expert Opinion’ panel is a unique one.
It is a meta-panel and unites communities of people rather than individuals. It facilitates interaction with panel participants making it possible to promptly and accurately understand demands of certain communities and to meet their expectations. It optimizes approaches to handling difficult and non-traditional research tasks. It is important to make participants feel that they belong to the community and via their expert opinion really contribute to quality improvement of goods and services which they consume.
Quality of panels is dependent on quality of data and decisions based on them.

Our team of experts has a long-term personal practical experience in related marketing fields. The team has conducted a review of quality issues in online industry and has held several meetings with representatives of agencies setting quality fundamentals of online research. As a result and based on our personal experience quality standards for meta-panel functioning were formalized. They include traditional issues of panel recruiting and verification of information provided by survey participants.

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Survey programming

Quality of data collected online depends on how interesting and well-defined questionnaires are for respondents. There is no interviewer between a respondent and a questionnaire who could explain the meaning of the question or answer choices. This is why the wording should be explicit and unambiguous elsewhere.
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Our highly experienced managers make thorough questionnaire testing against the logics, clarity of expressions, literacy, etc.

We program questionnaires for CAWI, CAPI, CATI with using ConfirmIT, Sawthooth, NIPO, CoolTool software. When necessary we use other solutions. We program questionnaires containing conjoint analysis.

A few examples of our programming options are here -->>

Each database goes though the mandatory checks before it is provided to the client, like dynamic comparison of answers to the respondent’s profile, analysis of answers to open-ended questions, rejection of interviews containing patterns of answers (straight lining check), time control applied to the whole questionnaire completion or/and question block(s), etc.
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Data processing

Collected data needs to be presented in a proper format to better suit further analysis. Our specialists have outstanding expertise in managing large datasets. We will help you.
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Each data set is presented in ready-to-use format. Regardless of what other our services on data management you require, all final data sets go though mandatory checks and cleansing.
The following interviews are cleansed out: completed with time considerable lower than average across dataset; containing illogical answers to open-ended questions; containing straight line answer patterns; etc.

If you need help managing your data, count on us:
  • conversion and integration (SPSS, ASCII, xls, csv etc);
  • frequency tables, cross tables, significant testing;
  • data visualization and analysis (SPSS, SmatTabs, own developments);
  • text analysis, coding;
  • research business automation on demand, installation, personnel education on suite or online.

An example of the survey data online mapping is here -->>
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Our highly professional team is always ready to help! For the last year we've conducted more than 1000 online research projects.

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