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Our proriety online panels are in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Each of our panels is based ob national's features, language, and currency. This helps us to make panels as close as possible to national representations.


River Sampling is a method for conducting online surveys, in which respondents are brought online in real time among Internet users for a specific survey, rather than being taken from an existing database (as in online panels).

We use the following riversampling sources: social networks, popular websites, specific websites and forums for a target audience, messengers' channels.


Programming questionnaires is one of the most crucial steps in conducting an online survey. We understand that the quality of the data obtained through online questioning directly depends on how interesting and understandable the questionnaire is for the respondent. 

That's why we create convenient, and interactive questionnaires. Including instant messengers (Viber, Telegam).

Requirements Demo Questionnaire

The main advantages of polls in messengers are instantaneous contact and automatic verification of the respondent. In addition, built-in smartphones, photo and video cameras, microphone, GPS give researchers opportunities that are not available in standard online surveys. Automatic reminders for diary studies makes moderator's work much more comfortable.

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OnIn can follow up panelists seeing exact ad's over Internet. All panels has cookies of main advertising platforms like Weboraba, AdRiver, Gemius, Yandex, Mail.ru, Google DoubleClick, etc.

This allows us to measure advetrising compains effects.

Quality Control

Our team at the time of the research supports the high standards of quality provided by the "Instruction for conducting marketing and sociological research" ESOMAR. This ensures the reliability of the information that we collect during the surveys of the members of the online panel.

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И, конечно, чтобы за всем этим стояла уверенная база знаний, технологий, новаций и возможностей нашего партнера.

Именно таким мы видим наш многолетний опыт сотрудничества с командой Online Interviewer. Пусть это будет стандартом для рынка онлайн исследований во всех его будущих модификациях.

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